The Powerful Features
Impress Your Guests With Your
Virtual Reception

Provide a better customer service by greeting
each guest, as if you were there.

Connected Lock (coming soon)
Remote Lock Integration

With the up coming integration between Remote Lock and Virtual Front Desk, each guest will be provided with a unique access code to your property. Automatically created at check in, no more need to reset or manually change your door codes in between reservations!

Easy Communication
Chat Box and Video Call

Communication between guests and hosts is now simplified thanks to the Virtual Front Desk chat box. Wether the reservation is coming from Airbnb,, Expedia or any other platform, guests and hosts can now text or call each other through wifi before or after their check-in. Used by over 80% of Virtual Front Desk users, this feature is a great tool to enhance customer service efficiency and boost your reviews !

Virtual Concierge
Say Goodbye
To The Paper House Manual

We created the Virtual Concierge to take the work out of updating and replacing the paper house manual. All the answers your guests need can now be found right in the app.

With it, they’ll discover your recommendations and insights on where the nearest grocery store is, why the cafe on the corner is your favorite place to relax, and how to turn on the air conditioning. 

Easy for you. Easy for your guests.