From spring 2020
Virtual Front Desk
will soon be available
for hotels!

Virtual Front Desk is the all-in-one solution for remote reception operations. With a touch screen, integrated camera and personalized peripherals, the virtual reception kiosks allow you to welcome and service your customers as if you were there.

Impress your guests with professional customer service!
Discover your very own
vacation rental reception

Either using a smart phone or tablet on the wall, this  remote front desk application helps you service, identify, and securely check in your guests from anywhere in the world!

The Game Changer
Meet The App
Vacation Rental
Hosts & Hoteliers
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A portable hotel front desk to securely check in
your guests at anytime, from anywhere in the world!

ideal for all platforms

Chat Box

Easily communicate with your guests using our newly integrated chat box!
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Remote Lock Integration

Securely provide unique door codes to your guests with the upcoming integration between Virtual Front Desk and Remote Lock, the number one smart lock company in the world! (coming soon)
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Our Mission
More Security
More Efficiency

Developed for any vacation rental hosts
managing one to hundreds of doors.

Why This App
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Virtual Check-In

With our virtual check-in, we’ve made it easy for you to greet and inform your guests when they arrive, whether you’re across the city, or on the other side of the world.

Guest Identification

Identify your guests before you give them access to your property through the video call, matching their faces to their IDs

Virtual Concierge

We created the Virtual Concierge to take the work out of updating and replacing paper manual. All the answers your guests need from
using the TV, to accessing the laundry
room can now be found right in the


With our live chat and video calls, guests and hosts can easily communicate in real time.

Multiple Properties Management

Manage all your properties, from any booking platform, from one single account.

Secure Your Operations

From the signature of your house rules, to the integration of connected locks with single codes, your operations will be a lot more secure.
A Powerful Tool
Hotel Check-In Procedures
In The Palm of Your Hand

Hotels know a thing or two about security and customer service. That’s why every guest must check-in at the front desk with IDs matching their credit card.

With Virtual Front Desk, vacation rental hosts can apply the same standards of safety to their check-in process.

That means you can identify your guests through a live video call from anywhere around the world before you entrust your keys to them.

Among other features, not only will you be able to match their identification to their selfie, but you can even have guests sign and consent to your house rules before they enter your property. It all makes the Virtual Front Desk mobile app the perfect security tool for vacation rental hosts.