Video Call in

  MS Teams

Full Integration Now Available!

New Feature!

Personalize your Station

Design a welcome screen that truly reflects your brand’s spirit.

Multilingual Stations

Add our automated AI translator to your station.

Share any documents with QR codes!

Turn any forms, documents, websites, or payment requests
into a QR code to instantly share with your customers standing at the Virtual Front Desk station!

Need your client to pay an invoice in seconds?

Simply copy-paste the URL of a payment request in the message box and your client will be able to pay it with their smartphone using their credit card or Apple pay. Once paid, you will both receive a payment confirmation by email!

Want to share a map or a document with touristic info?

Share a campus map to students, or the locations of your favorite restaurants
to your guests in seconds!

Health questionnaire to fill out?

Patients at your medical clinic need to fill out a health questionnaire before their consultation? Send it as a QR code so your patients can fill out the form with their own smartphones. You will both get a copy.

NDA to sign before a visit?

Have your visitors sign an NDA form before they visit your installation. It takes seconds and both you and the visitors will receive a signed copy by email.

They trust us.

Professional offices, medical clinics, government agencies, co-working spaces, hotels or vacation rentals, Virtual Front Desk is a trusted solution for a wide range of organizations and businesses.

How it works ?
A Unique Visitor Management System Connecting People Together

Our video solution for remote front desks offers an on demand, mobile, and secure platform to deliver your customer service. Expand your possibilities and improve efficiency while keeping human interaction at the center of your client’s experience.

Try with your own hardware

No complex or expensive hardware to buy. Go with your budget and style using an iPad, Windows tablet or all in one computer.

30-Day Free Trial, then monthy subscription

No strings attached to our monthly subscription. We are so confident you will love our software, we even offer a full 30-day free trial.

Web based, no installation required

All you need to do to use Virtual Front Desk is log into to your account from your Chrome browser and you are ready to take calls!
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Professional Offices
As businesses adapt to the new reality of online meetings, customer flow has evolved, and the traditional need for a physical presence at the front office is no longer a necessity. Whether you are managing a designer studio or a law firm, our innovative remote video front desk solution empowers you to greet and assist your customers seamlessly from the comfort of a home or back office. Say goodbye to the conventional receptionist model of waiting behind a desk for customers. 
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Health & Medical Clinics
Struggling to find local medical secretaries to staff your clinic? Virtual Front Desk offers a flexible solution, allowing you to hire talent from anywhere as virtual receptionists can work remotely. This opens up opportunities to tap into a global talent pool, enabling you to efficiently greet and check-in your patients while optimizing operating costs through outsourcing. Experience the benefits of a remote receptionist workforce for your clinic and enhance your patient experience today!
Government Offices, Co-Working & Public Spaces
Virtual Front Desk revolutionizes front desk operations by offering efficient and customer-centric solutions. Our virtual receptionist app enables remote customer greetings, personalized interactions, and secure data capture, enhancing your customer experience and increasing staff flexibility. With Virtual Front Desk, you can create convenient public customer service hubs, optimizing operational efficiency while reducing physical presence.
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Hospitality and Vacation Rentals
Transform your tablet or all-in-one touchscreen computer into a state-of-the-art reception solution with Virtual Front Desk. Our innovative app allows you to welcome guests through seamless video calls, request IDs, and facilitate quick and secure completion of Terms and Conditions or forms using QR codes. Say goodbye to traditional reception methods and embrace modern technology to streamline your front desk operations, capture visitor information securely, and create a professional and efficient reception experience.

Lance R. Prescribing Life

Medical Clinic, Houston, Texas
“We have been using VFD for our clinic for many months now. Our patients love it and having our receptionist in a remote location saves us the square footage requirements for our clinic which is expensive real estate. VFD is also a scalable solution. We plan to roll this out to multiple locations. Elegant solution with great support!”

Matthew B. Peko Design

Interior Design, Montreal, Can
“It's a great app to staff our reception from a distance. Since the pandemic, we are doing more online meetings, so less clients are coming to our office. We didn’t really know what to do with our reception. This is a simple solution to a real problem since we are often in the shop in the back. It's nice not to worry about customers waiting at the reception.”

Octavia S. Practice in Balance

Dental clinic, New York
“We love his product! It has increased productivity and reduced cost dramatically. This is a sure step to keep our staff and clients safe and distanced during this pandemic, all the while handling all business securely and privately. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE who must conduct business face to face without having to be face to face."

Built on Microsoft Azure, at Virtual Front Desk we understand the importance of security for your business. When it comes to sensitive data we abide by the highest standards of security and all video media is encrypted end-to-end.

User Friendly and Versatile

Our web-based application allows you to simply log in to your account from your browser and start using Virtual Front Desk right away. Use the hardware suited for your business model; all in one PCs, Windows tablets or Ipads!

MS Teams Integration!
Our Virtual Front Desk station now fully integrates with MS Teams, enabling it to send video calls directly into the Teams platform. This integration ensures a smoother, more integrated experience for all users, bridging the gap between our virtual reception and your everyday communication tool.
We listen to our users, and release new features every quarter. Stay tuned!
Here is a summary of current features.

Video, Phone Calls, and SMS Notifications


Send any Document’s URL as QR Codes to the Station


Scan IDs, Medical Cards or Passports


Send Payment Requests


Employee / Company Directory


Perfect for IPADs or any Windows Products

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Get Names, Emails and Signatures on the Screen


Single Sign On (SSO)


Complete History Log


100% Web-Based


Screen Share


Live Station Status