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“Soon after developing the app for my vacation rental business, Virtual Front Desk became essential to our operations. It was a game changer!”

Jeff Letendre, CEO
App Story
The Crazy Story Behind The Creation Of The App

Jeff Letendre was a young host with ambitions of growing a multi-door Airbnb business in Montreal, Canada.

He got the idea for the app from an unfortunate incident in which one of his rentals had been completely trashed by a guest. As he recalls, “the whole place was damaged. They even tore off the fridge door!”

After calling the police, he realized he gave the door code over the phone to a complete stranger.

“All I had really was a nickname, a fake picture, and a pre-paid mobile number. The fraudster knew how easy it was to get into my apartments. In fact, he did it again, at another location, a month later. At that point, I knew I had a big problem on my hands. Running about a dozen doors at the time, it was physically impossible to meet and greet each guest in person.  And it was far too costly to send staff around. I then understood why a hotel front desk was a necessity. So I came up with the idea of using a wall mounted tablet at each location which allowed me to match the guest’s face with their photo ID no matter where I was. It made the check-in process simple, safe and super efficient.

Once the system was in place, I could easily prevent someone from entering my place if he or she didn’t match their photo ID. That one simple change cut down 99% of our troubles and, more importantly, allowed me to service my real guests better.  It was a game changer that gave me the confidence to grow my business and add more doors to my portfolio of properties!”

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