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1. Property
Create a property under the “Properties” section. Enter a name, (number of rooms if not a hotel should be 1), the full address, a picture of your building and your company’s logo. If needed, fill in the terms and conditions section. These terms and conditions or questionnaires are optional. The form can be sent over the screen for a client to accept by entering its full name, email and signature. That info along with IDs and screen captures are kept in your call history log. (Alternatively, you can send any document’s URL in the form of a QR code, see tutorial below.)

2. Stations
Go back to your new property and click on “Stations”. Name your station, write a personalized welcome message, add buttons and update. Write down the new station’s connection code. This code is of single use, it will vanish once the station is active.

3. Payment
Go under “Settings / view billing” and enter a payment method. All new accounts have a 30-day free trial. You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply deleting your station and departments.

4. Activating your station
From the computer or Ipad you want to use as a Virtual Front Desk station, using Chrome or Safari for the ipad, go to station.virtualfrontdesk.com enter your connection code and click “Connection”. Accept subscription.

5. Team
Invite other people or companies from the “Team” section to join your team. Click the + icon, enter first, last name and their email address, click save. Once the invitation is accepted, click on “Details” next to the team member and associate properties and departments if needed.

6. Departments
If needed, create departments from the “Departments” section. Then, go back to your “Station” inside the “Properties” section and associate buttons to departments.

7. Call transfer
Go under “Settings” and enter a phone number under the “Call Forwarding” option for Virtual Front Desk to make phone calls when your dashboard status is offline or if you doon’t pick up a video call after 30 seconds. You can also add phone numbers to departments. To get SMS notifications when a call is being made from the station, enter your phone number under the personal profile section and switch the option to on.

You are all set and ready to use Virtual Front Desk!
This is a quick, basic, step by step guide to get you started. For more information on setting up your account or if you need help to set your operating system in “Kiosk” mode, please contact us at info@virtualfrontdesk.com or book a setup meeting.  The get the best out of Virtual Front Desk and have a better understanding of all the features of the application, we highly recommend you watch the tutorials below.

Sit back, watch, and learn.
All you need to know with these short video tutorials!

In this tutorial, you will learn the basic structure of Virtual Front Desk. (1 min)

Learn what hardware and browsers to use with Virtual Front Desk. (3 mins)

Learn the details of the Microsoft or VFD subscriptions and the free trial. (2 mins)

Understanding the dashboard. (2 mins)

Learn all about the settings section. (3 mins)

Understanding the difference between video calls and audio calls. (3 mins)

The difference between administrators and regular users. (3 mins)

Learn how to create properties. (2 mins)

Learn how to create stations. (6 mins)

Learn how to add team members. (3 mins)

Learn how to create departments. (4 mins)

Learn all about our MS Teams integration. (9mins)

 Learn how to send QR codes to the station. (2 mins)

Learn how to create a URL for a document, a form, or a payment request to send as QR Code. (2 mins)

Welcome screen, Start Buttons or Straight to Buttons (2 mins)

Error while connecting to video room. (2 mins)

New User invitation and first setup.

New User invitation and first setup.

Learn all about our MS Teams integration. (8mins)